Data acquisition and integration

Integrate and collect data from different sources in one place automatically.
We match data and visualize it on personalized dashboards.

Connect data from tools like:

Connect all your data stack in one place

We clean, match and visualize data from all your tools to give you fast and clear insights. Make important information available and clear for every department.

Data acquisition and integration

We mix our own tracking scripts for data acquisition with integration with different sources

Omnichannel Overview

Advertising on many channels, using different tools, it’s not easy. Instead of logging into many panels and downloading excels to make a summary report, why not automate all of this work?

How to use Data Integrations?
Automated Reporting

Automating reporting can save even 30 hours per month. You can spend this time on operations that will grow your business

Campaigns Performance in one place

It’s a lot easier to report to executives about KPIs and performance on an automated dashboard than logging every day to different systems to check campaign performance and matching data in one report.

Managing Media Plans

Having real-time information about budget spend or crucial performance metrics is really important to control agency work.

Want to know more about Data Integration potential?

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