Customer Journey and Attribution

Attribution reporting is crucial to gaining a deeper understanding of these complex customer journeys, including improvements that increase conversion revenue

1st party data

Due to significant changes in measurement methods based on a cookie, we work from the beginning with our Clients on 1st party data. Safety and better data accuracy are the fundaments to build proper customer journeys.

Forget about Last-Click

Last-click attribution ignores the conversion funnel. We are sure that you want to know how your brand and awareness campaign work and what is the impact on conversion. Multi-touch attribution will show you the full customer journey – from first to last click.

Evaluate an investments

Knowing the full customer journey leading to conversion can show real conversion costs. Costs of campaigns, marketing tools, SEO services – all of that should be counted as conversion costs.

How to use customer journey and attribution analysis?
Optimize user path to conversion

Getting a view of the user journey on the website can show obstacles in driving conversions on your website. Optimize your website to get a better conversion rate.

Plan better campaigns

Analyzing time, creatives, channel on the customer journey, and how they impact conversion rate will help you decide when and what campaigns plan.

Scoring quality of the traffic

Measuring the quality of the traffic delivered by agencies, networks or even specific placements is important to understand what you pay for. Invest in partners which drive you the best quality traffic.

Want to know more about how measuring your customers’ behaviour can impact your business?

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