Analyze every aspect of your digital business. 100% Data ownership and no data sampling.

Custom Reports

No two organizations need the same analytics. We customize dashboards and reporting depending on business needs. We work closely with Clients as data consultants to get the most from collected data.

Custom dimensions and metrics

Depend on your business goals and KPIs we can customize dimensions and metrics to make reports more accurate.

Real-time unsampled data

Digital business moves fast when it comes to interactions with customers. You need real-time and unsampled data in crucial reports for your business.

How you can use our analytics tracking?
E-Commerce Analytics

Integrate all e-commerce data in one place. Reduce reporting time and focus on dedicated insights and KPIs.

Website Analytics

Analyze user actions on your website. Optimize conversion funnel and user experience.

Content Analytics

Analyze your content marketing activities. Learn how they impact the conversion rate and customer journey.

Social Media Analytics

Understand how organic and sponsored activities of your social media channels impact conversion rate.

Marketing and Channel Scoring

We can collect and process data from almost any source of your marketing activities – online and offline. You can analyze the quality of the channel and its impact on the customer journey.

Customer Analytics

Analyze interactions of the single customer on your website. Build sales funnels and customer journeys to better optimize your website and increase user experience.

Want to know more about how to make masterclass analytics for your business?

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