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Why is it worth integrating Google Ads with CRM data?

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Google Ads is one of the most important digital channels, therefore large budgets are spent there. Each company wants budgets to be optimized as much as possible, and the quality of delivered leads and the number of sales to be as high as possible. The integration of Google Ads with CRM on the PragmaticBOX platform allows you to compare sales data with, any dimensions in Google Ads and transparent visualizations allow you to indicate the main elements for optimization based on the quality of leads or sales of specific products or categories.

Thanks to the Data Integration service in the PragmaticBOX platform and automatic alerts, you can react to disturbing events on an ongoing basis. Ask the consultant from PragmaticAD how easy it is to run effective monitoring in order to analyze the effects of the activities carried out on an ongoing basis.

Table of contents

  1. Advanced use of keywords
  2. Real effectiveness of activities in Google Ads
  3. Maximizing your closing chance
  4. Close the gap between online conversions and offline purchases
  5. Google Ads and CRM integration on the PragmaticBOX platform

Advanced use of keywords

Assigning keywords to a lead allows sales teams to obtain information about what a given user was interested in. This increases their sales opportunity when contacting the acquired user. In turn, the marketing team, based on the status from CRM, receives information about the value of a given lead and is able to react faster with campaign optimization for delivering leads with the highest possible sales opportunity.

Real effectiveness of activities in Google Ads

Acquiring a lead is only a chance, so relying on the report of obtained leads from the campaign does not allow you to calculate the real ROI. Another key indicator is the Total Cost of Acquiring New Customers (CAC). To get these metrics, you need to link your closed-sales lead to the campaign and the costs that were generated in it.

Maximizing your closing chance

Get answers to basic questions – what types of ads are clicked by sales leads? What information are potential customers searching for on the website? It’s important to analyze this data and understand why something is working or not. The data you will receive will allow you to get to know your customers better. When you know them well and know their business needs, you have a better chance of creating effective marketing campaigns.

analysis of the contact form
The subject of leads

Close the gap between online conversions and offline purchases

Agencies or marketers dealing with Google Ads for your business no longer need to have doubts about translating leads into sales. Even if you close a transaction in person or over the phone a few weeks after the lead was obtained, CRM automatically transmits conversion data. Then people dealing with Google Ads campaigns are able to react on an ongoing basis and optimize them.

Google Ads and CRM integration on the PragmaticBOX platform

In conjunction with building user paths and attribution, we help calculate the full cost of customer acquisition from all sources on the path to conversion. Our algorithms combine data from individual systems, and we clearly visualize the most important indicators that we have obtained thanks to the integration.

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