Performance Marketing Diamonds CEE 2021 – Performance Technology of the Year Nomination


We are nominated as a Performance Technology of the Year in Performance Marketing Diamonds CEE 2021 Awards. We want to share with you more information about awarded case study:

Main Challenge

One of our Clients’ main digital channels is Affiliate Marketing, delivering many sales and generating a lot of traffic. The client wanted to know how exactly those sales were delivered and what is the real impact on the customer journey.

Strategy and Goals

Our platform tracking delivers raw data, so we can build complex customer journey – Digital channels + on-site movement of the user. So we build scoring of every digital channel (owned, paid, earned media) depending on Client needs – micro and macro conversions, site structure, UTM parameters, and many more.

Digital Marketing is also full of suspicious activities that cover the real side of analytics possibilities. For example, investing in wrong channels, when depending on Google Analytics data or any aggregated data is often what we see, when we work with our clients.

We have our own anti-fraud mechanisms like:

-Cookie Stuffing

-Google Bidding


-Adware, Malware

The main goal was to combine our platform functionalities: Scoring and Antifraud Mechanisms to check every site, publisher, affiliate network, or agency that is working with our Client.

Actions & Effects

By implementing the tracking pixel on the customer’s website, we receive data that allows us to build customer journeys for each order. Thanks to this, we analyze the delivered traffic and verify the correctness of assigning traffic in the completed order, which is important for settlements with media partners in the last-click attribution that the Client is using

Ongoing monthly monitoring allows us to remove suspicious activities on an ongoing basis and gives a 100% guarantee that we have correct analytics, on the basis of which all advertising campaigns are set up.

The elimination of any anomalies saves expenses on wrongly calculated commissions and improves the settings set in paid channels such as Google or Facebook.

While analyzing advertising activities in Google Analytics, the client could not see the real sources of traffic and the effectiveness of individual channels. The discovery of anomalies resulting mainly from the activities of AdWare and Cookie Stuffing (not visible in GA) moved to certain savings.

In 2020, (data period 1-12.2020), was saved about 250 000 PLN from the Clients Digital Budget, mostly from activities like:

-Cookie Stuffing

-Traffic from hidden domains or domains changed on purpose

-Google Brand Bidding

-No-promo code used – traffic from promo code sites when code wasn’t used

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