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Why is it worth using scoring of marketing channels?


The scoring of marketing channels takes place at the level of the number of clicks and actions delivered by a given channel. Additionally, in a more advanced form, there will be various types of micro-conversion that the user performs while navigating the website. The more dimensions we have to analyze, the more difficult and time-consuming to draw conclusions about the quality of marketing channels. Because scoring is one of the key tasks of marketing automation that allows you to reach the right customers and potential customers and improve the productivity and efficiency of your marketing and sales teams. That is why scoring algorithms for marketing channels come to the rescue here

What is marketing channel scoring?

Marketing channel scoring is an assessment (on a point scale) of the quality of traffic delivered from individual marketing channels, campaigns, or creations.

The scoring is expressed in points and determines the impact of individual marketing channels on your business. Therefore, in practice, channel quality assessment is based on comparing data about it with information about other channels.

The higher the rating, the more it is worth investing in a given marketing channel.

The task of scoring is to quickly assess the activities carried out, taking into account many indicators so that the assessment has the greatest credibility.

Marketing channel scoring and lead scoring

Together, they allow you to create a complimentary analysis of the quality of the traffic provided and its translation into sales leads. People responsible for contact with the leads obtained receive enriched information on what the user was interested in. So that during the conversation they can use details about the service that the user was interested in.

Connecting data from CRM with marketing channels

Data from CRM will allow us to precisely define what target group we obtain from individual marketing channels

What data can be used to build a scoring model?

  • Demographic – location, age, gender, position, company
  • Interactions on website – what activities users perform on the website, what articles or products they are interested in
  • Sources – including the marketing channels you use
  • Creatives – creative that aroused the interest of a given user
  • Buying intentions – based on viewed products or categories

Automation of the scoring process

Instead of relying on multiple small datasets and manual processing, automate big data analysis to evaluate existing customer behavior against more parameters for the best possible accuracy

Automating scoring allows you to automate the identification of the most qualitative traffic on your website, which allows you to optimize the campaign and better use of resources for a faster return on investment.

The main advantages of automation:

  • Fast analysis of large data sets
  • It enables marketing teams to run better targeted campaigns and maximize ROI
  • It improves the productivity of sales teams by focusing on customers and leads with the greatest potential
  • Identifies patterns and connections that you may have missed

The impact of a better scoring on the purchase:

scoring kanałów marketingowych
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How best to use scoring models in marketing?

Scoring is only as effective and valuable as the data you have. To get accurate and useful information about your prospects, you will need a lot of accurate and structured data and the technology necessary to manage them. If you want to learn more about our scoring models service, which will help you implement scoring automation in your organization, please write to us.

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