direct in google analytics
10 March 2022

How to decode the Direct source in Google Analytics?

Direct traffic in Google Analytics is often understood as only traffic coming from direct entries by typing the domain name into the browser or clicking on a saved bookmark. In fact, this is only part of the truth and it is worth considering how such traffic can be decoded to refine our analysis. The official […]

integracja Google Ads z CRM
14 September 2021

Why is it worth integrating Google Ads with CRM data?

Google Ads is one of the most important digital channels, therefore large budgets are spent there. Each company wants budgets to be optimized as much as possible, and the quality of delivered leads and the number of sales to be as high as possible. The integration of Google Ads with CRM on the PragmaticBOX platform […]

campaign manager dashboard
2 September 2021

Google Campaign Manager (DCM) Integration

The integration of the PragmaticBOX platform with Campaign Manager allows you to analyze large data sets on campaigns in DCM and combine them with Pragmatic tracking data. This allows you to optimize your campaigns faster and achieve better results

13 August 2021

Why is it worth using scoring of marketing channels?

The scoring of marketing channels takes place at the level of the number of clicks and actions delivered by a given channel. Additionally, in a more advanced form, there will be various types of micro-conversion that the user performs while navigating the website. The more dimensions we have to analyze, the more difficult and time-consuming […]

2 August 2021

How to detect Invalid Traffic and improve the quality of digital campaigns?

Detecting Invalid Traffic is one of the key elements in the fight against fraud and saving advertising budgets from spending on worthless traffic. According to the website in 2020, advertising scams caused economic losses of $ 35 billion worldwide. The size of the global digital advertising market has been estimated at $ 333 billion, […]

28 July 2021

How to use data from Google Search Console API?

Connecting data from Google Search Console with our tool Data Integration to the PragmaticBOX platform allows for effective use of data from Google Search Console API. Personalized data visualization to observe positioning metrics from one platform. Identify the content that works best for your potential customers. What is Google Search Console? Google Search Console (formerly […]

16 July 2019

PragmaticAD is a supporting member of PZIP

PragmaticAD has become a supporting member of Polish Association of Lending Institutions to help loan companies in digital growth. Affiliate Management, Fraud Prevention, and Digital Analytics are the main fields that fintech companies are interested to optimize. We believe that cooperation with PZIP can drive fintech companies to deliver better results in the digital marketing space. […]

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